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Our Advocacy

For Immediate Release:

Caregivers to New York’s Most Vulnerable Encouraged by Legislative Budget Initiatives 

Hundreds of thousands of New York residents and their families rely upon the care of direct support professionals who work in the non-profit sector providing human and daily-living services to some of our state’s most disabled citizens. Yesterday, this under-paid and under-appreciated group of dedicated professionals was earmarked in the Assembly and Senate’s respective versions of the state budget for desperately-needed funding to boost their woefully inadequate salaries.
Link to complete Press Release: 3-14-17 Weisenberg Foundation Press Release


For Immediate Release:

Despite not being invited to the Governor’s State-of-the-State speech yesterday at SUNY Farmingdale, I attended anyway and spoke directly with the Governor to remind him of the crisis our direct caregivers face because they are not paid a living wage. When caregivers leave their jobs because they cannot live on the pay, it is our most vulnerable population who suffer. I gave the Governor one of our T-shirts to help him remember to “Be Fair To Direct Care” (#bfair2directcare) as his budget is presented next week. I’m very disappointed that in all of the press surrounding these State-of-the-State speeches, there has not been one word about people with disabilities. We look to Governor Cuomo to be our hero, to put money in the budget for a living wage for DSPs.
Link to downloadable 1-12-17 Press Release.

Below is our TV commercial asking Governor Cuomo to
please be our leader, please be a hero.

Allocate funds for a living wage for the direct service professionals
who care for our people with special needs.

Weisenberg Foundation TV Commercial #bFair2DirectCare

Below is my speech at the 10/17/16 Albany Press Conference
advocating for a living wage for DSPs, the direct caregivers
of our people with special needs.

Harvey Weisenberg at 10-17-16 Press Conference #bFair2DirectCare

Below is our interview with Betsy Fels, a dedicated, highly trained
DSP and direct caregiver for people with disabilities.
She makes less than $10 an hour.

Betsy Fels - trained caregiver earns less than $10 per hour

Here is the Newsday piece about our
#bFair2DirectCare Albany press conference of 10/17/16


This will make you smile.

My grandson, Max, asked to visit with my son, Ricky, who is Max’s uncle.

Max’s visit with his Uncle Ricky made quite an impression.

Watch Max describe the experience and our emotional interview.

Weisenberg Special Needs Series: Harvey and his grandson, Max

Luz, a direct caregiver on Long Island for people with special needs,
talks about the special training she received, and rewards she her work gives her
in the smiles of the people she helps, despite low pay and long hours.

Luz, a direct caregiver on Long Island, is a light to many, despite low pay and long hours

#bFair2DirectCare, As Seen recently in Times Square


I was quoted in the 9-30-16 article in the Associated Press:

“The reality is that we have a crisis in care that could be catastrophic,” Weisenberg said. “How many more deaths will there be because we’re short-staffed, understaffed, overworked, and how’s that going to impact the quality of life of the most vulnerable population in the state and their families?”

Please read the article, below:


Tristan’s Team in the Bronx includes
his mom, Theresa, and Direct Caregiver, Minorca

Weisenberg Special Needs Series: Tristan's Team in the Bronx



Delores is a Loving Caregiver on Long Island
Despite Low Pay and Long Hours

Weisenberg Special Needs Series: Delores, Direct Caregiver on Long Island


Meet Rob, A Direct Caregiver in NYC, Who Gives His Best
Despite Long Hours and Low Pay

Weisenberg Special Needs Series: Rob, Direct Caregiver in New York City


Please use the link below to download a sample letter to let the Governor
 know of your support for better pay for those who care for people with disabilities.


Please use the link below to email Governor Cuomo directly.

Please use the link below to find email and snail mail addresses
for your elected New York State representatives.

Below are 2 ads that are part of our campaign in solidarity with New York State agencies, the families of people with special needs and the DSPs and other valuable staff and administrators who care for special people to raise the pay of caregivers so that they will no longer have to work two, even three jobs, or leave jobs caring for special people in order to make ends meet.





I was proud to be in Albany this week, representing our Foundation and advocating

for agencies that support people with special needs & disabilities, as reported in Newsday

(photos courtesy Marie Curley).


Addressing the NY State Assembly on June 8, 2016

I was and remain very grateful to have been welcomed so warmly by my former colleagues in the NY State Assembly

(video below from the June 8, 2016 session).

The NY State Assembly Welcomes Harvey Weisenberg on June 8, 2016

We are proud to announce that Gianna Palazzo is the Inaugural Recipient of The Harvey and Ellen Weisenberg Special Needs Foundation Scholarship.


Our thanks to the Long Beach High School Faculty and Staff for including our award in the 2016 Academic Awards Night.

Our congratulations to the 2016 graduates, award recipients and educators for a job well done!

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