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The Work of the Weisenberg Foundation

The Weisenberg Foundation is a non-profit, IRS-approved 501(c)3 organization that provides a unique resource for people all over the country, and advocates for people with special needs, their families and caregivers. Our work often dovetails with the not-for-profits who house and care for people with disabilities.

Our foundation is the brainchild of Harvey and Ellen Weisenberg, whose beloved son, Ricky, was born with developmental disabilities. Harvey Weisenberg was a New York State Assemblyman for 25 years. Now retired, he and Ellen formed this nonprofit to serve people who, like Ricky, live with disabilities, as well as their parents and caregivers.

The Weisenberg Foundation’s legal name is the Weisenberg Special Needs Resource Corp., which is a non-profit that has raised nearly $60,000 to date, has had a half million views on its Facebook page, is represented via its website, HarveyAndEllenWeisenberg.com, and the Weisenberg Special Needs App, a centerpiece of our organization, which is free for both iOS and Android devices.

The Weisenberg Special Needs App puts technology to use for those who need it most by connecting the user with government agencies, educational services, nonprofits, legal information, videos of families with similar issues, along with background about the app and its creators. A parent or caregiver has only to download and open this free app to begin the process of learning, addressing needs, and connecting with vital resources.

The Weisenberg Special Needs App is the only app of its kind, and the Weisenberg Foundation exists only through the generosity of donors, and benefactors, led by Harvey and Ellen themselves.

The Weisenberg Special Needs App is bilingual, with content in English and Spanish and clickable links to toggle from one language to the other.

The Weisenberg Foundation is also an advocacy organization that advocates for people who have no voice. Currently the Weisenberg Foundation is advocating for a raise in the wages of the direct caregivers who care for people with special needs, many of whom must work two, even three jobs to pay their bills.

The Weisenberg Special Needs App is a resource center delivered via technology to special needs families and caregivers, providing much needed information, and connectivity to agencies, organizations and schools everywhere on most smart devices.

Our unique, valuable work continues only via the generosity and support of donors. Awareness of our work is critical to mission.

We ask that you help us make people aware of our work, so that they may utilize our app and resources, dialogue with us and, if so inclined, offer support.


Robert Budd, FREE

Donna Caldera

Barbara Crosier, UCP, New York State

Marie Curley

Robert McGuire, UCP, Nassau County

Stanfort Perry, AHRC

Margaret Raustiala

Wini Schiff, IACNY

Seth Stein

Walter Stockton, IGHL

Len Torres, Long Beach City Council

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