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Inspired by their son, Ricky, Harvey and Ellen have been a beacon of love, light, and improved quality of life for developmentally disable people. Many thousands of caregivers, parents, leaders of organizations that serve the disabled both public and private, and citizens who themselve s have disabilities, have offered thank you’s to Harvey and Ellen for their help.


Harvey and Ellen are quick to point out that it is Ricky who has been a prime motivating force in their work for citizens with special needs, particularly those with developmental disabilities.


Harvey, Ellen, Ricky, and all of the Weisenberg family and the hardworking staff and colleagues who have worked with them, thank you, the public, for giving them the opportunity to serve.

Citizens with Disabilities Serenade Assemblyman Who Helped Them “For The Longest Time”

Bob Policastro of Angela’s House, which gives a home environment to frail children, talks about Harvey Weisenberg, whose commitment and efforts made the Policastro’s dreams a reality.

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