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Harvey and Ellen’s love

Harvey likes to say that Ellen was a gift from God.

Harvey and Ellen’s love for one another blossomed and spread throughout their beloved families, and to others through Ellen’s work as a nurse and Harvey’s service, first as a police officer, recreation supervisor, teacher, school administrator and then for 38 years as an elected official and public servant.

Their love has truly continued and strengthened through sickness and health, good times and difficulties, rippling outward to embrace family, friends, and many, many complete strangers who Harvey and Ellen are quick to welcome as family.
Ellen and Harvey have personally donated over $50,000 each of the last 4 years, totaling over $200,000, to non-profit organizations including: the Nassau County PBA, Long Beach Reach, Long Beach MLK Center, Hebrew University, Camp Sunrise, Stonybrook Hospital, the Friedberg JCC in Oceanside, South Nassau Hospital, Hofstra University’s George Esterbrook Scholarship, Plainview Hospital, AHRC, New York City Police Dept., Children of Families of the Inwood Fire Dept., the Holocaust Memorial, Long Beach Lions (to help purchase a service dog); United Cerebral Palsy Nassau County; Make A Wish, Syosset Hospital, and Ronald MacDonald House.

Ellen Weisenberg passed away in April of 2016.

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Harvey and Ellen – A Love Story

Harvey talks about Ellen, the love of his life, and their family.

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